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Specialist in the Provision of Valves,
Pumps, Liquid Level Control and
Tank Gauging Equipment

Est. 1996

Since its foundation over 50 years ago in Germany, Knick has consistently delivered exceptional quality manufacturing of measuring devices. Knick offers the complete solution for smart sensor applications. The company supplies contactless, reliable and digital measuring technology. Made in Germany with reliable high quality products to exacting standards. Knick offers above-average warranties and superior competency, providing complete satisfaction to the end customer.

Defining the future of liquid analysis, Knick's new product lines based on Memosens technology are the benchmark for digital sensors. Knick's product portfolio of measuring devices includes: a range of pH sensors to suit every application, even demanding industrial applications, in a selection of materials including a glass-free version for processing in the food, beverage and cosmetic industries; conductivity sensors and oxygen sensors plus a wide selection of Memosens analysers for digital liquid analysis as required for pH, ORP, conductivity or dissolved oxygen. Knick also offers sensor management with its flexible and intuitive MemoSuite software package to enable easy calibration of Memosens sensors in the lab.

Why choose Knick?
Knick promises dependability and safety at the highest level with Memosens technology. Additionally, Memosens has a number of key benefits: Interference free coupling allows for perfect galvanic isolation (which is completely insensitive to interference potentials) and provides easy handling even under harsh conditions. Memosens pre-calibrated sensors facilitate sensor replacements in seconds, ensuring maximum availability and longer sensor service life due to predictive servicing. Memosens delivers intelligent diagnostics to guarantee optimum process management with sensor operating time, sensor wear, adaptive calibration timer, calibration and adjustment data and SIP counter.

Memosens Mobile is the world's first portable Memosens device with multi-functional housing for both process and laboratory. Moreover, the integrated sensor quiver protects the sensor from drying out, the sensors are easily calibrated and the range also includes multi-parameter versions for pH conductivity and oxygen. A USB port means it van be directly connected to a PC and can charge the Lithium-ion battery.

Knick provides accuracy and safety through its high tech user-friendly products employed by key industry leaders such as: