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Specialist in the Provision of Valves,
Pumps, Liquid Level Control and
Tank Gauging Equipment

Est. 1996

For decades, Texsteam Pumps have been the leader and pacesetter in gas and oil production chemical injection. The standard for quality and reliability is high, and Texsteam continues to offer new technology and the finest in product quality. Whether the need is for an electric powered unit, pneumatically driven, or the newer solar product offering, Texsteam offers the best pump in the world.


Texsteam was founded in 1937 in Corpus Christi, Texas, by J. M. Sheesley and O. B. Schoenfeld. They pooled an initial investment of $500 to begin the manufacture of chemical proportioning pumps for use in injecting chemicals into oil well casings and flow lines.

As demand for the Company’s products increased, the need for a manufacturing facility became imminent. Andrew Johnson, owner of a small Houston manufacturing firm, was approached, and after a short period of negotiation, a three-way partnership was formed. Soon afterward the partners decided to form a corporation. The new Company, known as Texsteam Corporation, derived its name from Johnson’s steam safety valves. During World War II, Texsteam Inc. devoted its efforts to producing safety and relief valves and other products used aboard naval vessels or in military application.

In 1949, TEXSTEAM INC. was acquired by Vapor Corporation in Chicago, Illinois, and the original founders of the company withdrew from the business.

First as a subsidiary and later as a division of Vapor Corporation, Texsteam Inc. rapidly expanded. Through a merger of Vapor Corporation with American Meter Company in 1966, and subsequent mergers of American Meter Company and General Precision Equipment Corporation, with The Singer Company, in 1969, Texsteam Inc.. became a part of Singers Industrial Products Group.

In 1972, the Singer Company divested itself of Vapor Corporation and Texsteam Inc. became a division of Vapor Corporation.

In 1978, Vapor Corporation, along with Texsteam Inc., became a division of the Brunswick Corporation of Skokie, Illinois. In August, 1990, Texsteam Inc. was acquired by Wheatley Corp. headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Subsequently, in May, 1991, Wheatley TXT Corp. became a publicly-traded company.

In August, 1994, Wheatley TxT Corp..was acquired by Dresser Industries Inc., headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Today, Texsteam is part of Dresser Inc. Natural Gas Solutions Division in Houston Texas, Today it is a prominent supplier of quality chemical injection pumps to the domestic and international oil and gas producing industries.

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