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Wheatley Valves

Wheatley Short Pattern Wafer Check Valve

Inexpensive Reduced Port Check Valves are used in applications where...
  • Media is clean (abrasives are not present)
  • Flow is steady and not pulsating
  • Flow rates are low
  • Pigs or spheres are not intended to run through the valve
  • Velocity through the seat does not exceed:
  • Liquids 15 feet per second
  • Gases 100 feet per second
Short Pattern Wafer Check Valves Brochure

Wheatley Long Pattern Wafer Check Valve

Wheatley wafer check valves are ideal for close-quarter applications where a full-bodied check won't fit. Designed to fit between mating flanges, these valves are compact, lightweight and cost-effecient.
  • Size 2 in. through 12 in.
  • Working pressure ASME 150 through ASME 1500
  • Built in accordance with API 6D
  • All Materials comply with NACE MR0175 (2002)
  • Integral Seat
  • RTJ or raised face flange surface available
  • Fixed clapper shaft design transfer wear to inexpensive replaceable parts
  • ASTM A216 Grade WCC body. Optional ASTM A351 Grade CF8M (316 Stainless Steel).
  • 90 durometer peroxide cured Buna-N seals standard. Optional Viton, AFLAS (high temperature), EPDM. Consult factory for other options.
  • Dimensions consistent with specification API 594

Long Pattern Wafer Check Valves Brochure

Wheatley Dual Palatte Wafer Check Valve

WHEATLEY'S body design offers the following features:

  • Compact wafer style one-piece design
  • Center post fully supports the internal assembly without external pins or plugs
  • No leakage to atmoshere is ensured due to WHEATLEY'S standard design which eliminates through holes and   pipe plugs in the body
  • Maximum flow area minimizes pressure loss
  • Minimizes installation space and time
The dual plate design produces maximum strength with minimum opening and closing time.

Clamp plates offer additional strength to valve plates and allow seals to be easily changed.

Specially designed flat, full contact seals maintained positive shut-off at low working pressures.
Unlike most other valves, these seals are easily replaced in the field.

Torsion springs assist valve plate closure preventing flow reversal. Consistent valve response ensures against slamming and water hammer.

Heavy duty corrosion-resistant contruction shaft. Shaft Supports act as stops to prevent over travel of valve plates. Corrosion resistant with large shaft bearing surfaces.

Easily removable for internal assembly, mainenance or change. Thrust washers reduces friction and wear of valve plate hinges.

Dual Pattern Wafer Check Valves Brochure

Wheatley Swing Check Valves

  • Size range: 1/2" through 54"
  • ANSI Classes: 150 - 250
  • API 2000 - 15,000
  • End connection availabilities including weld end, socket weld, threaded end, hub end, and flanged end
  • One moving part
  • Integral and renewable seats
  • Easy to maintain with convenient top entry access to all valve internals
  • High and low temperature, corrosion resistant
  • Full line of piston and wafer check valves
  • Body Construction
  • High alloy materials for corrosive service.
  • Special alloy materials (bodies and/or trims for high temperature service.
  • Grade LCC material (bodies and covers) for low temperature service.

WHEATLEY® Series 822 Check Valves

When you need a check valve that has to work!


  • Designed in Accordance with ASME B16.34 (WCC, LCC and CF8M only)
  • Material of construction conform to NACE MR0175 / ISO 15156
  • Solid 316 stainless steel clapper and hanger which eliminates the need for seperate pins, bushings and rollers
  • Compact valve geometry minimizes weight and space
  • Bevelled, self-aligning clapper and seat design incorporates a molded seal in the clapper for a bubble-tight primary and metal-to-metal secondary seal
  • Peroxide-cured Buna-N (FKM & HNBR optional) Seals
  • Generous wrench area on body and hex-head threaded cover for
    easier installation and maintenance
  • Full opening
  • Suitable for horizontal or vertical flow up
  • Below-the-threads cover seal isolates the cover threads from line media
  • Metal Nameplate
Series 822 Check Valves Brochure

Optional Features:

  • Combination end connections such as flanged by weld are available
  • Integral or renewal seats
  • Through-conduit clapper design
  • Externally adjustable spring loaded clappers
  • Slam retarders
  • Manual or actuated lock open assemblies
  • Subsea and Emergency Shutdown (ESD) systems including diverless, remotely controlled systems
  • Body drain taps
  • Vertical service applications
  • Accessory mounting
  • Lever lock open assembly
  • Fail safe check valves
  • Position Indicator check valves