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Services & Activities

Jenex Ltd is the U.K. Authorised Stockist/Distributor and Representative for the following companies:

CAMERON – Cameron (of Houston Texas, USA), is a leading provider of flow equipment products, systems and services to worldwide oil, gas and process industries. Cameron’s Distributed Valves include; WKM, NAVCO, DEMCO, NUTRON, Texsteam Valves, & Wheatley Valves.

CAMERON Measurement Systems (BARTON) - Flow Meters (Liquid), Dry Flow Recorders (Static Temperature & Differential Pressure). Click Here for more information

BST LIFT SYSTEMS – Located in Ventura, California, USA, BST Lift Systems manufacture;
Control Valves, Control Choke Valves, Artificial Lift Systems, Mandrels, Repair and resizing kits.

DRESSER I.P.G. (TEXSTEAM PUMPS) –Texsteam is part of Dresser Inc. Natural Gas Solutions Division in Houston Texas, USA. They have been the predominant figure in the gas and oil production chemical injection for decades. Dresser I.P.G. supply Texsteam; Pneumatic Pumps, Electric Pumps, Beam Pumps & iCIP Solar Pumps.

KIMRAY – Kimray from Oklahoma City, USA provide Gas Pilot Regulators, Control Motor Valves, Glycol Pumps, Thermostats & Dump Valves, for control vessel and lead line temperatures, liquid level inside pressurized vessels, pressure drops, and liquid and gas flow.

PENBERTHY (TYCO FLOW CONTROL) – Jenex Ltd are the ‘UK Exclusive’ distributor and represensitive of the entire Penberthy Inc. (of Illinois, USA) product range. Products include; Boiler Trim: (Bi-Colour Gauge Glasses, Valves & Accessories), Gauges & Valves: (Direct Reading Liquid Level Gauges & Valves), Jet Products: (Pumps for Heating, Educators (CTE), Tank Mixing, Evacuating Pumps), Fluidvision: (Sight Flows/ Windows/ for Liquid & Gases), Flat Glass Gauges, Straight Pattern Gage cocks, Tank/Glass Valves, Tubular Gauge Valves, Jet Pumps, Steam Injectors,
& Magnetic Level Gauges.

TAYLOR VALVE TECHNOLOGY – Taylor Valve based in Oklahoma City, USA are probably best recognised for its Vaetrix™ High Precision Gauges, and Safety Relief Valves. In addition they manufacture large and small Multiple Orifice Valves and Needles as well as Back Pressure Valves.

REPLACEMENT PARTS & SPARES - Jenex Limited supply genuine replacement parts and repair kits for all valve and pump products; designed to support the oil and gas industry, providing expert knowledge and stock certified engineered parts to cater for all situations.

Jenex Ltd is readily available to work alongside companies to consistently provide support for any products, replacement parts or spares.


















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